Fingerprint Encrypted SSD
Fingerprint Encrypted SSD

Fingerprint Encrypted SSD

Model No.:TR FS1


N.W: ~60g

Material: Aluminum Alloy Shell+ABS Plastic

Colors: Silver/Black/Grey/Blue/Red/Pink/Rose Gold/Green/Orange

it is the perfect solution for anyone who needs a secure and convenient way to store their data

It's portable and easy to use, allowing you to quickly transfer data safely and securely.  

Capacity Options: 


Type C to USB A 3.0

SSD Type: M Sata 

Fast storage,LED status indicator,Built Strong,Sleek & Compact Style,Simple Setup,easy to go

With its fingerprint access technology, you can easily access your data with just your enrolled fingerprints. 

It also has a self-destroy technology in case it's ever damaged by force. 

Your private data is always safe with the Fingerprint Encrypted SSD.

  • 这款产品是便携、小巧、精致的指纹加密固态硬盘,可以高速安全地存储数据,保护用户的隐私
  • 用户只能使用预先录入的指纹或设置的密码来解锁以查看存储在加密分区中的数据
  • 当此固态硬盘遭到外界暴力破坏时,存储在加密分区中的数据也会自行销毁

ID Photos (3).jpg(Biometric and password Encryption)

To protect the safety of your privacy & Data

Transfer in a flash,Secure with a Touch

Whether you are storing critical business documents,games or movies,the portable Fingerprint SSD gives you speed and security in a palm-sized package.

Experience the next level of fast & extend storage,available in different capacities

Multi-Device compatibility included the USB C to C and USB C to USB A Cables.

Supporting PC & Mac,Android devices,Mobile phones,Gaming consoles and more:)

Users can only access the private area via enrolled fingerprints or password

The fingerprint encypted area is with self destroying technology if it will be damaged by force to protect the file/datas inside

Support up to 6 Fingerprints+back up codes

Users set the capacity of public and private capacity by default software

Type C  to USB A 3.0


Strong Metal Shell

Portable & Smart

Supports Windows,Mac,Android & Linux


USB 3.0 Smart Fingerprint SSD
Public area
Fingerprint encrypted & Algorithm

Fingerprint Sensor: Capacitive type, 9*9MM

Max Fingerprints Profile supported: 10pcs (1 Administrator + 9 Standard Users)

Unlock MethodEnrollled: Fingerprints / Code


Socket of SSD: M Sata(Default)

                           M.2 (22*60; 22*80MM) is optional
Socket of the box: Type C 3.1

Setting Supporting OS:     Windows/Mac/Andrioid OS
Function Supporting OS:  Windows/Mac/Android OS
Sequential Read Speed( Max.): 400MB-530MB/s
Sequential Write  Speed( Max.): 200MB-360MB/s
Random Read Speed: 500-600MB/s

Voltage:                        5V
MTBF:                          1,500,000Hours
Working Temperature:  -15-60°C
Warranty:                     1 year


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