Smart phone Backup Hard Disk
Smart phone Backup Hard Disk

It is a convenient and powerful device that can easily backup your data from iOS and Android devices.

It has a built-in 5000mAh battery, so you can use it anytime, anywhere. 

It's lightweight and portable design makes it the perfect companion for anyone who needs to securely store their important data.


Exquisite,portable & easy to use

Supports ios/Android/Windows/Mac OS

Android App: Scan the QR code to download Exstorage

ios App:  Download KTCloud or Exstorage from apple store

  • 这款产品是一款便携的手机智能备份硬盘,可以与Android和苹果IOS设备兼容
  • 将硬盘连接到手机,通过app即可快速而安全地备份手机上的照片、视频和通讯录
  • 该产品内置5000mAh电池,可以为用户的手机充电

Disk type: 2.5'' HDD (2.5'' Sata 3 SSD is optional)

Capacity: 500GB/1TB/2TB

Color: Black/White/Sky Blue/Red/Green (optional)

Packing includes:Backup Hard Disk*1pcs; Data Cable*1pcs; User Manual 

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